Discover New Privacy on Ethereum

Privacy Pool allows you to generate a brand new Ethereum address that is completely unlinkable to any prior transaction history. However, our privacy-preserving technology does much more than that.



Solution for Ethereum that provides uncompromisingly impartial privacy


The privacy protocol provides customizable privacy settings that allow users to remove malicious actors from their transactions, making it challenging for criminals to exploit the system. Users can exclude untrusted individuals from their privacy settings, ensuring their transactions remain secure and private.


Privacy Pool enable users to unlink their original deposit address from a new withdrawal address by depositing funds into a shared pool and creating a cryptographic commitment to a confidential value. This allows for the use of a zero-knowledge proof, ensuring that the new withdrawal address is entirely new and unconnected. As a result, Privacy Pool protects transaction history and maintains privacy.


Our decentralized privacy software is an open-source research initiative committed to promoting privacy on the Ethereum blockchain. As an open and transparent technology, users can be confident that a community of experts and enthusiasts is safeguarding their privacy.